Trampolines that encourage outdoor activity

A trampoline provides positive energy and good exercise, and is a big hit among children and (big kids!), but you must not forget safety! A safety net is essential if it is not already included, you may also want to consider a ladder that makes it easier for the little ones to get up and down from the trampoline without falling. Alternatively, you can dig your trampoline into the ground, making any falls less dangerous because the trampoline is close to the ground.

Jump in the spring and summer with a trampoline from JYSK. See our selection below and find a good offer.


8 products
    8 products

    Benefits of a trampoline 

    A trampoline invites play in the open air, and is a good opportunity for the children to get a break from TV or tablets and get some fresh air. There are lots of benefits to getting a trampoline for the garden.

    1. A garden trampoline can have a positive effect on your children's motor skills, and help strengthen their physical development based on the movements you make on a trampoline.
    2. It provides good exercise for both children and adults and can be a substitute for a trip to the gym.
    3. Physical activity on the trampoline gives children better learning ability and endurance because they learn to combine balance, coordination, and concentration.

    Be careful not to get too presumptuous, as you may end up getting hurt.

    Choose the right trampoline and think about safety 

    A trampoline provides positive energy and good exercise and is a big hit among children and childish souls. Here the children can jump around, laugh, tumble, and pass the time with fun games. There are several things to consider when investing in a trampoline for the family, such as the size - it should fit your garden, but should it fit both children and adults? It is important to check the recommended maximum person weight on the trampoline for safety reasons, because on some trampolines you may only jump one at a time.

    It can also be a good idea to invest in a safety net whether you are buying an in-ground trampoline or a model that needs to be above ground for safety to be in place. The latter model is easy to set up yourself, whereas a buried trampoline may require more professional help to dig out and drive the ground away. If you choose a free-standing trampoline, it is recommended to storm-proof it in case of strong storms and wind.

    At JYSK you will always find low prices and good offers on garden trampolines. We do not compromise on quality and safety, so all trampolines at JYSK are quality tested by recognised test institutes.

    Read our tips on how to choose the right trampoline.

    Trampolines from JYSK 

    In our range, we have both small and large trampolines with edge mats, and the right accessories to achieve the right safety. All our trampolines are black.

    At JYSK you will find cheap trampolines in good quality. If you buy a traditional trampoline to stand on the grass or a trampoline for burial, you can choose between different sizes. They are all round and are available in diameters of 250 cm, 305 cm, 396 cm, and 426 cm. The trampolines all consist of galvanised steel springs that protect against wear and rust and an edge cushion in foam with a durable rubber coating that makes it weather resistant. However, be aware that neither our trampoline nor safety nets are frost-proof.

    Naturally, safety is likely to be your main consideration. A safety net is a must but it’s a good idea to read up on all the tips to ensure safe usage for all ages. Read more trampoline safety tips here.