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Trampoline on a lawn

How to choose the right garden trampoline


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You might ask yourself “What trampoline to buy?” There are different things to consider when you decide what trampoline is right for you and your family. This list tells you what to take into account when you choose a garden trampoline.

  1. Start by considering the best size. Trampolines are available in different sizes, ranging between 250 and 426 cm in diameter. Consider how much of your garden space that you want to dedicate to the trampoline before choosing one.
  2. Also take into account where you are placing the trampoline. A soft surface such as grass is preferable and you should never place your trampoline on a surface as hard as concrete. The risk of injuries is higher if a person falls on a hard surface.
  3. Then go on to consider who is going to use the trampoline: Do you want a children’s trampoline or one that everyone can use? This is important as different trampolines are capable of carrying different amount of kilos.
  4. Also consider how many people are going to use the trampoline at the same time. If two people will be using the trampoline together regularly, choose a trampoline that is at least 300 cm in diameter and has a high max user weight.
  5. Another thing to think about is the look of your garden with a trampoline in it. If you don’t want the trampoline to look too dominant, choose an in ground trampoline instead of an above ground trampoline.
  6. When you have decided on the right size and type, find a trampoline that is safe. Choose a trampoline with a frame constructed from sturdy metal with smooth welds. Make sure that the trampoline springs are equipped with spring covers, which pad the springs. Read more trampoline safety tips 
  7. Finally, decide if you need a trampoline enclosure/a trampoline safety net. A trampoline safety net wraps around the perimeter of the trampoline and prevents children and adults from falling off. Trampolines without enclosures can be dangerous and lead to injuries.

Children and adults might enjoy jumping on the trampoline for many years to come, so buying a high quality trampoline is a good idea. A good trampoline can last for up to 15 years. Keep in mind that children grow fast, so a trampoline with a low max user weight might only last a few years. Remember that trampoline manufacturers generally don’t recommend more than one person using the trampoline at the time.

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