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Make memories and lasting connections with a bistro set

Make memories and lasting connections


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When life takes over, the really important things - like nurturing the connections we have with our partners and closest friends, for instance - can take a back seat. Which is why it's good to build in a little time each week to have a cosy one-to-one over a cup of tea or a glass of wine.


It's easier to stick to your plans in summer, when the days stretch a little further and mealtimes can be a bit more flexible. Why not create a cosy corner on your patio or terrace that's just right for a couple of casual garden chairs and makes the perfect setting for a snug tête-à-tête? Garden lounge chairs like GJERLEV and FANGEL are great for these kinds of moments - as well as our collection of bistro sets


You don't have to organise grand events to make memories - sometimes the tender, low-key moments are the ones we treasure the most.

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