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Dine al fresco in the summer evenings

Make memories and dine al fresco


Category: Garden

Tags: Garden Tables, Solar Lights, Candles and Lanterns

Some people seem to throw al fresco dinner parties with effortless elegance - who isn't a tiny big envious of  Nigella and her exquisite walled garden? The good news is that you don't have to live in a London townhouse to host the best supper parties on the block. All you need is space for a table, a dash of imagination and inspiration from JYSK. 

Take inspiration from our enchanting garden scene, an idyllic setting to wine and dine in. Work with the outdoor space that you have, whether it be a large patio or city centre balcony - you can transform the look and feel simply with the right furniture, accessories and lighting. 

Choose a sheltered spot if you can and dress up your table and chairs with a cloth, dinner mats and cushions. Keep the menu simple with sharing dishes that take minimum effort to prepare.  

With the magic of mid-summer evenings you'll want to stay outdoors as long as you can - create the right ambiance with the use of tealights, lanterns and battery or solar-powered fairy lights to provide a soft glow throughout the evening. Have a pile of blankets or throws ready for when the temperature cools and even stoke up a fire pit for more warmth.

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