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Looking forward to Black Friday 2022!

At JYSK we are celebrating Black Friday already from Monday 21.11 until Sunday 27.11 2022. We look forward to inviting you inside for shopping in our stores and on for the biggest shopping day of the year.


Black Friday is without a doubt the biggest shopping day of the year. Black Friday is of American descent and always falls on the day after Thanksgiving. The name originates from Philadelphia and was originally used to describe the large crowds that stormed stores to shop. The day marks the start of Christmas shopping, and Black Friday, therefore, offers unheard-of low prices and many offers. The many great offers just before Christmas make it obvious to do this year's Christmas gift shopping on Black Friday 2022. This way you don't have to stress about buying presents and you save a lot of money. Read more about Black Friday here.


We have offers on all sorts of different products, and whether it is yourself or someone you love who needs to be pampered, you can find offers that are relevant to you. In addition to the fact that it makes good sense to buy Christmas presents on Black Friday, it is also a perfect time to freshen up your home. Maybe you need a new set of towels, or maybe the family needs new duvet cover sets and sheets? When we at JYSK lower the prices, it is easy for you to upgrade your home - without it hurting your wallet. Of course, you also need to pamper yourself on this day and a comfortable bathrobe or fragrance oil for the bathroom will give you a little everyday luxury in the dark wintertime.

Have you wanted to update your home for a long time? Maybe you dream of a new sofa for the living room, a new wardrobe or a new bed for the bedroom? Then Black Friday is an ideal day to make that dream come true! And an additional plus is that with products that are more expensive there are especially a lot to save. So if you are considering investing in a new bed, then it is a great idea to shop on Black Friday. If you are in doubt about which bed is right for you, then read our Bed Guide here. Or go to your local JYSK, and be guided by our competent employees. The same applies if you need new duvets and pillows. There are often many great offers on these for Black Friday so you can make a great buy. If you are in doubt, which product is the best match for you then read our Pillow guide and Duvet guide.

Since the good offers are everywhere on Black Friday, you can also buy things that create a little extra light and cosiness in the dark wintertime. Outdoor lighting in the form of string lights and light trees will brighten your outdoor space and make the dark time go a little faster. You may also be thinking that you need to decorate a little extra for Christmas this year, and then Black Friday is the perfect time to go all-in on new cosy and modern Christmas decorations for your home. Because this year more than ever we need to help each other spread that Christmas spirit and joy!


One cannot escape the fact that good offers for Black Friday are in great demand, and therefore it makes good sense to be prepared. If you want to be sure to get your hands on the very best deals for Black Friday 2022, you are wise to have familiarised yourself in advance, with what our assortment has to offer. This way, you can target the deals that are most relevant to you.

On this page, you can see which offers we are offering for Black Friday 2022. Already three days before, we unveil JYSK's Black Friday 2022 offers. That way, you can prepare yourself for the day, so you are sure to get your hands on exactly what you had set out to get.

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You are of course invited to Black Friday 2022 here on, but you are also more than welcome to drop by your local JYSK.

Shopping online for Black Friday has the advantage that you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your home while you do your Black Friday shopping. For many, it can seem significantly less stressful than running around a physical store with many other happy customers. In return, you have the advantage in the physical stores that you can see and feel the different products.

It's just a matter of what suits you best when it comes to shopping. Whether you want to shop in a physical store or online is largely a matter of taste. In both places, you can enjoy our many great Black Friday offers.