Fibre duvets for quality sleep

Fibre duvets are a popular choice to wrap up warm in and settle down for the night. With a range in various togs and sizes, you can find the right duvet for you. From single and double duvets to king and super king sizes. A synthetic filling quilt is a great choice for people who suffer from allergies. Light fibre duvets are often a great choice for a summer duvet transports sweat away from the body and helps to regulate your body's temperature. If you choose a warm fibre duvet, it is good as a year-round duvet, as it insulates and keeps you warm all night. At JYSK, we have a large selection of duvets with fibre filling as a single duvet or double duvet as well as king and super king duvets and even some with extra length. The duvets range from cool to extra warm insulation in several price ranges and of different quality, so there is plenty of opportunity to find duvets for the whole family's needs.

What is a fibre duvet? 

Duvets with fibre filling consist of polyester fibres which mimic the good insulating ability of a down duvet. It requires more filling to achieve the same property, so the filling in fibre duvets therefore often has a higher weight. This means that this type of duvet is heavier than duvets with natural filling, but often also cheaper. 

Fibre filling has the good property that it can efficiently transport moisture away from the body. However, the ventilation in a fibre duvet is not as good as in a natural filled duvet. A fibre duvet, on the other hand, is easy to maintain and has a really good durability, because it can be washed and tumble dried many times without damaging the fibres and losing its insulating ability.

If you’re keen to pick a duvet with a synthetic fill that performs brilliantly all year round, we have a great range of options to suit every price point. People choose synthetic fibre fillings for a variety of reasons – often because they want an easy-care alternative to natural down or because they need an anti-allergy solution. The JYSK range covers all sizes and duvet tog ratings, so you’re sure to find the duvet that’s just right for you. If you like to match your duvet to the season, it’s definitely worth considering a twin-duvet set that offers three duvet combinations in one pack.

Sizes include single, double, king size and super king size duvet options, including a selection of designer summer quilts that double as comfy throws.

Allergy-friendly duvet 

Today, there are many choices when it comes to hypoallergenic duvets. In the past, many people thought that fibre filling was the best choice for allergy sufferers, but that is a myth. You can actually easily choose a down duvet. As long as you can wash your duvet at 60 degrees, the house dust mites die, regardless of whether the duvet contains fibre, down or feather filling. However, a small percentage of the population is hypersensitive to down and feathers, and then a duvet with fibre filling is the right choice. The unique filling in fibre duvets helps to create a comfortable sleeping environment, which prevents house dust mites from developing.