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Throw the perfect summer garden party

What better time and place to throw a party than in the summertime and in your garden – or your nearby park?

Are you celebrating a wedding or graduation party – or are you just in the mood for festive time? It's quite easy to arrange a successful party: It is all about preparation. The dark horse is the weather – not only rain but also wind and heat can put a sad emoji across your party. But you can overcome these obstacles too. Put on your sunglasses and flowery dress and get our best tips for creating a memorable outdoor event.

Garden party ideas and tips

The type and size of your space isn't what's important - it's the time and care that you put into creating your outdoor gathering.

1. Set the scene

Choosing a perfect location might be the first and most important step of throwing a garden party. If you live in a house, you might be fortunate enough to have a gorgeous garden with flowers as the perfect decoration and trees that shelter your guests from wind and weather. If not, see if there is a nearby community garden or maybe a rooftop for your outdoor party. In this case, get some pretty planters with plants to create the right atmosphere.

If you are hosting a party in a public space, seat your guests on foldable chairs. They are easy to get there and back again. Or perhaps you can do with a few bistro tables for snacks and drinks and let your guests mingle.

2. Prepare for any weather

Even if your party falls on the hottest day of the year, think about protecting your guests from the weather. Both rain, wind, and too much heat can create bad vibes. Get a gazebo that protects in all three cases. Your guests will probably also appreciate it if you provide them with warm throws for when if the night gets chilly. Or you can even light up a fire ...


3. Lights are the life of the party

Candles are wonderful if you want to create an intimate, ambient atmosphere. Keep the party going into the evening with string lights and lanterns in parasols, trees and on the tables.

4. Set a playlist

With the practicalities in place, don't forget what really sets the mood: Music. Putting together a playlist for your party is just one more way of having a say in direction that it takes. Is it an informal gathering with lounge music or do you want a more upbeat genre that invites your guests to the dance floor (or lawn)? Don't forget to warn your neighbours that you might make some noise.

5. Garden party games

Do your guests already know each other or are they strangers that you bring together? Either way, there is no better icebreaker than a fun garden party game. Preferably one that you can play together or as a team.

All that is left is providing your guests with tasty snacks and cool drinks! Have a great time!

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