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HENNE storage box with room for three bikes

All you need in a garden storage shed

Garden cushions, water pistols, lanterns, hammocks, gardening tools, BBQ – where do you store it all when no one is using it, during the winter or when it rains?

A storage box is an ideal solution if you don’t want it to take up too much space. HENNE plastic storage sheds are smaller than your typical garden shed, but at the same time, they are very spacious.

Robust garden tool storage solution

The HENNE storage solutions can take good care of your belongings. They are sturdy and can withstand any weather. The rib-reinforced, double wall panels gives the storage boxes strength, and the built-in ventilation keeps your belongings dry and prevents condensation. 

The HENNE storage boxes are maintenance-free with a look of worn wood and won’t fade over time. 

You can open the top or front for easy access to your belongings, and we have even included a bin opening kit, so you open the box top and the bin lid in one motion. If you are using the storage box for more valuable items than your trash, the storage boxes can be locked for that extra sense of security. 

A versatile garden storage shed 

HENNE storage boxes are easy to assemble using common household tools and they are not only ideal for your garden, but also for your attic, basement or anywhere else that you want to keep your belongings dry and safe. 

Customise your outdoor storage solution to your needs

Also check out the RAVED series if you are looking for an outdoor storage solution. RAVED contains many of the same benefits as HENNE, and on top of that you can paint them in any color that suits you and fits in your garden style. They have long lasting durability and a nice wood look and feel. The threshold is sloped for easy maneuverability and you can lock the storage box for added security. 

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