Classic wooden garden dining sets

Wooden garden furniture is a trendy, durable and versatile choice for your patio or balcony. With timeless wooden garden furniture, the balcony or patio takes on a pure and natural look that you just can’t beat. Wooden tables are also a classic solution to outdoor dining. All of our wooden furniture is FSC® certified, so you can be sure you're picking a wooden table from a fantastic range. The FSC label is your guarantee that the wood comes from sustainable forests where people, animals and plants are taken care of. When you choose FSC-certified products, you help protect the world’s forests. Caring about sustainability as a consumer also means caring about quality. That is why we are proud that our wooden furniture receives so many great reviews from our customers.

Traditional wooden garden table and chairs for your terrace and outdoor space

Despite the rise in popularity of other materials, there will always be a market for quality wooden garden furniture, especially when the designs are as good as JYSK’s! Our inspirational range of solid wood tables and chairs are mostly made from FSC-certified hardwood varieties such as parana and acacia, and are designed to provide a variety of styles from classic to contemporary. For timeless elegance, check out our smart stained or painted options that look as if they could grace the grounds of the classiest country estates. But if you’re in the market for a more modern interpretation, take a closer look at our Scandi-influenced ultra-modern moulded plastic and hardwood chairs in mix-and-match colours. Wooden outdoor furniture always looks comfortable in its setting – perhaps because it pairs natural materials against a sympathetic backdrop. Buy now and enjoy for years to come – with just an annual application of hardwood oil.

The perfect garden purchase for outdoor dinner parties

 For many furniture buyers, there’s simply no substitute for natural hardwood – and it’s easy to see why when JYSK stocks such great wooden furniture! You’ll be reassured to know that most of our wood patio furniture is made from FSC-certified hardwood varieties which have a naturally close grain and perform brilliantly, despite the Irish climate. Our wooden garden tables range in design from the traditional to the contemporary and feature both stained and painted options to suit a variety of tastes. Team your favourite wooden table with your choice from our extensive selection of garden chairs – you can decide on a matching set or experiment with a mix of materials and colours for a unique finish. Wooden garden furniture is a good choice for any outdoor space as it’s the perfect complement to a natural setting. It needs a little TLC to maintain its beauty – just the occasional application of hardwood oil – but what a reward for your efforts!

How to care for wooden garden furniture 

By nature, wooden and hardwood garden furniture needs to be treated and maintained if you want to make use of it over many summers. Learn how to maintain your furniture correctly to avoid any risks of it cracking and drying.

It is always a good idea to treat your wooden garden furniture with oil immediately after unpacking and assembly. Although the wood has already been treated with oil, we recommend you do it again since it can be some time since the first treatment.

Always ensure thorough cleaning of garden furniture, for example gently use a pressure washer before applying oil. Always follow the instructions on the packet.

Hardwood furniture must be completely dry before oil treatment, and make sure to use oil that is suitable for hardwood. It is recommended that you apply oil two or three times during the season and just before you put your furniture away for the winter period.
Furniture in teak requires no oil treatment because teak is already a very oily wood. Over time, teak furniture creates a natural white tint which can be removed with teak oil. If you decide to oil treat your furniture it will require ongoing oil treatment, just like hardwood furniture.

Your furniture will last longer if you store it properly over the winter. For example, you should not put your wooden furniture in a dry, warm room as this can dry the furniture out. Instead, you should store your wooden furniture in a garage or shed where there is plenty of ventilation and protection from the rain and snow. We don't recommend that you cover your furniture with plastic or similar materials, as this can cause rot and fungus in the wood.

Read the full guide on maintaining your wooden garden furniture.