Insect screens for windows and doors

Keep this insects at bay with an insect screen for your windows and doors. Our selection of subtle insect screens will prevent insects from entering your home without drawing away from your window dressing style. Keep your windows and doors open to allow fresh air to enter your home without the unwanted insects, flies and bugs entering too. These insect screens are easy to set up and can be adjusted in height and width.

The Benefits Of An Insect Screen

  1. Insect screens offer the benefit of protection from most tiny insects, especially if you live in an area where sandflies and small pests are a problem. This becomes particularly crucial during the warmer months when mosquitoes, flies, and various household pests are prevalent both inside and outside.
  2. Insect screens offer airflow into the home. The insect screens allow for a warm summer breeze into the home without allowing insects in at the same time. Stagnant air in enclosed or obstructed spaces provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and prevents the dispersion of pollutants and contaminants, effectively confining them. This leads to increased absorption of airborne contaminants, potentially impacting health negatively. Additionally, insufficient ventilation fosters a mold-friendly environment, increasing the risk of bacterial and respiratory infections. Ensuring proper circulation and ventilation not only enhances alertness and health but also contributes to a happier environment for you and your family.
  3. Our insect screens offer privacy to the home. On the other hand, those inside can effortlessly observe the outdoor surroundings with a sense of privacy.