Bunk beds and cabin beds for your children's bedroom

When you have to decorate the rooms for your children, we often have a strong focus on having space to play here. Bunk beds and cabin beds are some of the beds that meet this requirement. In smaller rooms, a bunk bed or raised bed is especially a good solution as they free up a lot of space. Decorate your children's room with beautiful bunk beds from JYSK in white or natural colour. Find different sizes from 90x200 cm and up to 150x200 cm in the lower bunk. Remember to buy a spring mattress or foam mattress. If you’re looking to make the most of every inch of space in a smaller bedroom, bunk beds and cabin beds are the ideal solution. Choose from a practical choice with under-bed storage or an elegant design metal framed day bed. 

Bedroom - Bunk Beds/Cabin Beds